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Helen Nicholson is Professor of Medieval History at Cardiff University. The pages on this site contain a collection of historical and pseudo-historical texts aimed at university students studying medieval history as well as a collection of Frequently Asked Questions about the crusades and knights templar with answers aimed at the public at large and a number of useful links to other sites.
Prof. Helen Nicholson’s pages

Gawain Nicholson is a graduate of Exeter University Cornwall Campus. He now works for a UK Train Operating Company (TOC); which one, where and doing what, is probably better not said.

He also has his own ‘Order of the Bed’ website, and some pages on the Wye Valley Railway. These are his own creation, and have nothing to do with the rest of the family.

Order of the Bed
Nigel Nicholson did the ‘webbing’ of all the pages on this site, except for Gawain’s which are his own. Nigel also does book design and setting for a transport history publisher. His (slightly out of date) pages show some samples of his work.

Nigel Nicholson’s scrapbook

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