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December 2009

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Back in June our Seasonal Area photographer went for a jolly nice hilly 9-mile walk between Perranwell and Truro railway stations, via Devoran, Feock and Cowlands. He came back grumping about inadequate stocks of orange squash and rubbing a badly-burned nose, but did have some nice pictures of green hills, bright blue skies and wide expanses of blue water for us to flick through. The lucky picture, reproduced in reduced size below, shows the village of Cowlands on one of the hottest days of the year, with its rather attractive creek and collection of fishing boats.

Six months on it was decided that it would be good fun to send our photographer off to retake the picture and see what it looks like in winter (or late Autumn, depending on your view on when the joint between the seasons is). The view is now mostly grey, with the little variety from green fields and brown mudflats being extensively mixed with more grey. The tide is out and the boats have been pulled up on the mudflats.

You'll be pleased to hear that our photographer does not have a badly-burnt nose this time and did not run out of liquid; indeed, the God of Weather kindly supplied him with vast quantities of additional free liquid during the two hours it took to walk from Cowlands to Perranwell. Our photographer does not seem particularly grateful for this and instead grumpily brought back a disintegrating sheet of bright, sunny photographs that he was supposed to be copying, draped his trousers over a radiator and put in an expenses claim for some new footwear. This has been sat on so he has stomped off to read the latest issue of Modern Railways and pass comment on the "Blood and Custard" page, which apparently features a load of bull.

The house which was for sale in Cowlands when we were last there has apparently now sold and seems to have met its intended £1,250,000 guide price. We hope the new owner is pleased with the view that they will have for the next four months. If you have £1,000,000 and want to live two miles from the nearest two lane road, maybe you should consider Cowlands - at least, when one of the houses next comes up for sale.

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