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Seasonal area

June 2012

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A change of scene - from Cornwall and the Thames we move back to mountains. The last mountain to feature was Machen's in January, at a time of year when mountains look big, bleak and cruel. On a warm day in June they look deceptively friendly, so here we have a deceptively friendly picture of the highest peaks in South Wales.

Mountains are big things, so this pile of landscape takes up rather a lot of the picture. The peak to the left is Pen-y-Fan (886 metres above sea level), the highest summit in South Wales. To the right is its nearest rival, Corn Ddu, which is only very slightly lower (at 873 metres) and notable for its extremely flat summit. In front of them is a miscellaneous bit of ridge is called Y Gyrn, according to the map (well, everything needs naming). Behind the two main peaks is the rather lower Cribyn (only 795 metres); the three make up the Brecon Beacons. Doing all three in a day allows for a rather neat little horseshoe walk around the source of the Taf Fechan, or Little Taff. (The source of the Big Taff, or Taf Fawr, is snuggled in on this side of Corn Ddu, to the far right of the image and behind Y Gyrn. Both flow south to Cardiff, which is to the right of this eastward-facing picture.)

Meanwhile in front of the peaks, at the bottom of the rather sheer drop on this side of them, is the Llyn Cwm Llwch - one of these bits of valley neatly carved out by the upper reaches of a glacier which on this occasion flows down to join the river in the foreground - the Afon Tarell - a few miles to the north and thence proceeds to merge with the relatively infant River Usk at Brecon.

The plume of smoke is someone having a clear-out of spare timber.

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