Order of the Bed Staying-in-Bed Form

Department of Staying-in-Bed

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. Completed forms should be sent with cheques for processing fees to the normal email address.

If multiple people are occupying the bed, multiple forms should be completed.

Part 1 - Basic information

1.1)  Name:
1.2)   Date of Birth [DD/MM/YYYY]:
1.3)   Address:
1.4) Address of bed (if different to 1.3; use separate forms if multiple beds to be occupied):
1.5)  Email Address:
1.6)  Employment: Yes No Can't remember

Part 2 - Bed occupancy information

2.1) Entering bed on date (day/ month/ year):
2.2) Leaving bed on date (day/ month/ year):
  Leave blank for indefinate occupation
2.3) Reason for occupying bed: [Tick all that apply]
Lazy  Good workplace Asleep Protest Tax avoidance
 Relaxation Reading War and Peace Other [please don't specify]
2.4) Size of bed:
Plank Single Double Monarch

Preferred style of bed:
Blankets  Duvet Sheets Sofa Apple-pie
 River Mattress Nails Other [specify below if relevant]

2.6) Total time to spent in bed (in seconds):