Wye Valley Railway Location Maps


This handy little pairing is provided to help the less local among you identify the location of this railway

On the left we have a basic map of Great Britain, showing the capital cities and a couple of other handy location finders. A few miles out from Cardiff and near the mouth of the Wye is the town of Chepstow, marked in red. The railway then ran up the Wye Valley from there for 15 miles to the slightly smaller town of Monmouth.

Below we have a more detailed map of the South Wales area. Cardiff is now seen at the bottom left. The Wye Valley Railway is visible trundling up the valley due north from Chepstow. The black bit is intact but abandoned; the purple bit has been lifted. Tintern, the most important intermediate station, is just below the L in "Lydney". Lydney itself was home to the neighbouring Severn and Wye Railway network, part of which survives today as the Dean Forest Railway.

The stump of the former line from Monmouth to Pontypool has also been included (most of the rest of it is marked by a bright red line from above the second P until Monmouth). Ross-on-Wye is just off the top of the map. Running from top right to bottom centre is the M5, while the M4 runs from bottom left to bottom right.

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