Knights Templar would normally ride a horse – not a warhorse, but a smaller horse such as a palefroi (palfrey) or roncin (nag). If they were simply travelling from one house to another in western Europe, they would not take any weapons with them. In western Europe Templars did not wear armour or carry weapons (there were a few exceptions, when they were dragged in to taking part in wars between Christians). They would not carry a banner. Knights Templar should travel in pairs; if they had a servant with them, he would ride on a roncin and he would be responsible for whatever baggage they had with them. The baggage would travel on a baggage-mule or on a cart. In the Holy Land and in the frontier regions of the Iberian Peninsula, when they were travelling to war, there were special instructions for travelling arrangements, which you can read in the Order’s regulations: J. M. Upton-Ward, The Rule of the Templars: the French Text of the Rule of the Order of Knights Templar (Woodbridge: Boydell, 1992).

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