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June 2010

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Hello and welcome to the June 2010 Seasonal Area. Due to a staffing issue it's about a week early. Due to our photography team seemingly making a habit of not going out in June it was drawn from a not very large pool of pictures, but hopefully is none the worse for that.

Anyone who ventures down from London along the Great Western Railway is taken over a great many railways of a wide variety of ages and of many types of scenery. The last two miles into Penzance arguably make one of the greatest sights, however; on the north side fields and scattered development on the east side of Penzance are partially hidden behind Long Rock maintenance depot, while on the south side Mounts Bay provides a massive expanse of blue water leading away to merge with the pale blue sky and fluffy white clouds in the distance (unless you arrive when its raining, whereupon you remove the fluffy clouds and replace the blue with grey).

Sat on the eastern side of this bay, trying not to look too incongruous, is St Micheal's Mount, topped by its famous castle. Linked to the mainline by a causeway (flooded at high water), the castle was developed over the years from a religious site into a proud fortification which seems to have escaped slighting despite siding with the king in the Civil War. Nowadays the entire island is owned by the National Trust.

The passing helicopter was providing sightseeing trips across the bay for interested tourists, of which there were an extra thousand or so around Penzance on this particular day since two railtours had wheeled in with large numbers of daytrippers and railway enthusiasts. June can turn out some beautifully stinking hot days and this was an excellent example of such a day, providing more of a day for paddling in the water than flying over it. Hopefully this summer will provide a few more such days, although they don't make organising walks for some more June images very easy...


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