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February 2011

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For the last couple of years it has become a tradition that we have a picture of the Cornish town of Penryn for the February Seasonal Area; it has been decided to stick with this tradition for this year out of a spirit of unoriginality. The result is that our archive now contains pictures of Penryn area in the snow, glorious February sunshine and miscellaneous driving drizzle. This angle was identified last May by our dedicated photography team, who seem to have failed to remember it is easier to get long shots across estuaries in May than it is in February. This little issue has been dismissed as a good way of showing what the weather is like in February and suggestions made that we might like to use the original summery picture for the May or June Seasonal Area. (Sorry. We'll probably find something else out of the archive for variety.)

This picture was obtained by our Official Photographer going off on the 10-mile walk that he did last May when he spotted the original angle. As well as noting how much harder it is to take photos in this weather, much note was also made of this not being ideal conditions for 10-mile coastal walks and a short-cut was instigated from Flushing. Regrettably the map had been left at home and the short-cut had to be handled by using the Official Photographer's sense of direction. Fortunately this sense of direction isn't all that bad and he blundered around a few roads to somewhere familiar, eventually finding himself in Perranwell in good time to catch a train home before nightfall.

Followers of the Planning Department's ongoing saga may be interested to hear that Mr B. Bear's plans to get teddy bears the vote have been squashed on the grounds that it would involve the Comment, Satire and Tripe Department engaging in an undesirably large amount of public relations work. He has instead found himself engaged in the mountain of paperwork required for them to be allocated a page number for an article summarising the entire recent financial crisis down to a three-paragraph story about a well. Well, well, well...


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