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February 2012

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February seems to have been set up as the Penryn month and we return to the Cornish town for the fourth consecutive year, with a picture which finally brings us into the centre. Questions are being raised as to how many more angles on the place can be found.

The former fishing port, abbey town and rotten borough is a jumbled, historic place. Here we see the main street, with its dominating clock tower. Shops and pubs provide a busy set of frontages onto the steep hill, interspersed with houses and narrow side lanes of varying lengths. Double-decker buses between Falmouth and the local university campus scramble up this hill at frequent intervals, wending round the clock tower with remarkable skill and thus far avoiding having any accidents.

In the background, the north side of Falmouth is represented by the heavily built-up hill beyond the clock. Vanishing into the morning winter mist behind that can be seen the hills rolling down to Zone Point. The Christmas decorations on the tower seem to be a semi-permanent feature.

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