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Seasonal area

July 2016

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The Kennet & Avon Canal has made a couple of previous appearances on the Seasonal Area, but largely more towards its eastern Kennet end. This, by contrast, is in one of the Long Pounds on the western side of its summit and very much towards the Avon end.

While the Kennet end of the canal rolls gently up the wide Kennet valley, frequently using the river rather than creating its own navigation and featuring locks every couple of miles, the western end beyond Crofton, the summit and Bruce Tunnel is quite another matter. Excepting the rather featureless Devizes to Trowbridge section, it is mostly in narrower valleys clinging to a hillside. It is also notable for doing striking distances between locks. The two halves could almost have been built by different people.

Four locks follow Bruce Tunnel, after which is the Long Pound proper (a pound being the expanse of canal between two locks), past Pewsey to Devizes; then comes the lock flight at Devizes, a wend through Trowbridge to Bradford-on-Avon, a couple more locks and a second substantial pound to Bath. This picture is from this second long pound, near the village and pumping station of Claverton and a little north of the Dundas Aqueduct that carries canal over railway and Avon.

It is a rather agreeable length of canal, stretching above the cross-country line to the South Coast from Bristol, passing through delightful hills and woodlands, amongst fields and hedges, as it weaves along the contour line on the final leg of its journey as an independent waterway. From Bath, the "canal" claims to continue to Bristol, counting bridges accordingly (locks are counted from Bristol), but shares its alignment with the River.

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