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July 2009

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Originally when planning this page the photography team had vague ideas about a picture from a trip around the Cornish branchlines on the 2nd of July. Unfortunately it decided to rain that morning, bringing to an end a mostly good period of weather. It was tipping it down in Looe, damp in Newquay and the day ended up in traditional British fashion eating fish and chips in the rain at St. Ives. The team duly returned to their base on the Falmouth branch, grumped, packed up and headed back to Old South Wales for a bit. It was raining here too, but not as hard; a trip out shortly after arriving provided this picture on a rather grey day.

Insole Court is in west Cardiff - a large and attractive house built by a coal-mining magnate (like all the other big Victorian buildings in Cardiff). It is vaguely reminiscent of Margam Castle, featured here in April, with its large and imposing nature, castellated central tower and stripped-out interior, but also claims to have been inspired by Cardiff Castle. The gentle decline of the family's fortunes after the First World War left the large house and its massive grounds in decaying condition, so Cardiff City Council bought them out, carried out some renovation work on the house and turned most of the grounds into 1930s suburban housing estates. The building was used for council functions like school governors' meetings.

Another renovation through 2007-8 has turned it into a large and elderly community centre, although the upper floor remains out of use. The remains of the grounds are an attractive little park. They are very good for sitting in, walking around or charging about at high speed. Thus the Founder has ripped his knee open hurtling down a grassy bank, although he has no intention to sue.

In the absence of any electricity-related pictures we have provided two animal ones. The Founder is suggesting that the idea may be getting a little stale.

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