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October 2010

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Have you ever wondered what a seaside resort looks like after all the tourists have gone home for the winter? Well, there is a reason why people don't tend to go to the British seaside in October and this is it.

Mount's Bay, Penzance, featured in our June Seasonal Area picture in some really quite gorgeous weather, so we decided that we'd pull the same trick on it as we pulled on the June 2009 image and show a similar angle taken somewhat later in the year. This time it wasn't originally intended as a direct comparison piece, so don't expect it to be completely identical. St Micheal's Mount is just visible through the heavy October rain which greeted our Official Photographer's first trip to Penzance two years ago. There was nobody else about on the seafront - hardly surprising, since a five-minute walk along the seawall had much the same effect as getting into a bath fully clothed.

October is not all bad, however, and with the leaves beginning to turn at the traditional time sunny days should provide for a rich barrage of autumnal colour.

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