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The Well  

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Department of Comment, Satire & Tripe

A discussion of a financial crisis in three paragraphs.

Once upon a time there was a village. In the village there was a well. The well provided the village with all its water supplies and consequently was well-used by the villagers. Occasionally in a drought it would dry up, causing considerable hardship to the villagers in the process. They had to get their water from a nearby river. Various attempts by village mayors to resolve this problem failed, though after a long spell of wet summers and considerable expenditure on the well one of them claimed to have solved the problem forever.

The following year there was a drought and the well dried up anyway, leaving the mayor looking a bit silly and in urgent need of a face-saving solution. This turned out to involve paying some unemployed locals to carry water up from the river to pour down the well, thus making it seem nice and full and keeping everyone broadly happy. However, the mayor then went and died; he was replaced by a fresh-faced chap who disagreed with refilling the well on the grounds that it rather negated the point of having it if the water was only available because various people were, at enormous expense, carrying it up from the river.

The well then proceeded to dry up again. This was largely because the spring had failed to restart after the drought. Examinations are being made to see if the expenditure on the well involved making it watertight. Meanwhile the villagers are having to bring their water up from the river. Fingers are being crossed that the well will refill of its own accord once water stops being poured into it while the former water-carriers are paid to stay at home. There are mutterings about the logic of this.

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