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Department of Sleeping  

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The Sleeping Department is a relaxed organisation within the Order of the Bed. The main function of a bed is for sleeping on, so this department aims to encourage people to use their bed more by sleeping more.

Sleeping is one of the few things which all cultures of the world indulge in. Everybody sleeps in roughly the same way - by lying down and nodding off. The need to sleep is something which everybody shares and everybody has experienced. Everybody can find common ground on this topic. While a British soldier and a Taliban guerrilla may find few other things to agree on, both can discuss sleep and the difficulties of finding time for such activities when your enemies are taking pot shots at you. Sleep is also noted for its peaceful qualities. People who are asleep are not out starting wars or committing crimes. Sleep is therefore a force for international good.

With this in mind, the Sleeping Department aims to produce a series of articles at a later date explaining the benefits of sleep in more detail. While these are arranged the Department, having regained its ancient position as one of the four major departments of the Order of the Bed and arranged an increased budget (both at the expense of the Engineering Department, which has strange ideas about working rather than sleeping), will relax and its staff will continue to successfully carry out their remit.

They will have a snooze.

Last modified 15/03/11

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