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Welcome to the Staying-in-Bed Department. This department is what the whole Order was originally all about and so handles various little tasks like staying in bed all day, advertising the benefits of staying in bed all day and organising bed-related events (except for those involving sleeping, which are the responsibility of our friends in the Sleeping Department).

Currently the Staying-in-Bed Department is resting on its laurels after the Order's 10th birthday on 13th August 2009. Naturally it will continue to advertise rest as much as possible, but it does have a busy schedule involving intensive relaxation. Our new and dynamic Head of Department is relaxing in an extremely new and dynamic way and hopes you will be able to follow her lead in such matters. Questions about our plans for the future should be directed to the Planning Department via the Contact link on the Home Page. They are employed for these things, in the same way as we are employed to stay in bed all day.

Members of the Department hope that you will be able to see your way to joining our movement and point to their perpetually low blood pressures, lack of urgent deadlines, lack of concern about budgets and disinterest in alarm clocks as some of the more prominent benefits of their relaxed attitudes. If you wish to routinely formalise this behaviour once you find it to your liking, we hope you find the forms below helpful.

Joining Form

Staying-in-Bed Form

You can print these off if you like.

You are of course permitted to stay in bed without one of these forms. However, the Order of the Bed does not take any responsibility for unofficial staying in bed. Complaints about this system should be directed to the Head of Department, who will deal with them when she is available.

At the present time she is understood to be fulfilling her remit, reading The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (Jerome K Jerome, available from all bookshops which stock it) and listening to Bed (Flanders and Swann, available from several music suppliers).

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