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The Wye Valley Railway
History of the British Railway
Railways around Monmouth
The Main Line
The Coleford, Monmouth, Usk and Pontypool Railway
The Monnow Valley Railway
The Forest of Dean Central
The Ross and Monmouth Railway
The Coleford Branch
The Falmouth Branch
The Train Operator's Guide to Getting Students Drunk in a Brewery
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The Order of the Bed takes a special interest in railed transport due to the Order's top brass taking the view that it offers an exceptionally soporific means of travel. It is even possible to travel by train in the comfort of a bed, which road and air transport is not quite so good at.

The Order's frequent transport requirements are therefore handled by the Department of Railed Transport, which has three key tasks:

  1. To arrange all travel required by the Order (in association with the Planning Department);
  2. To examine rail history and produce a series of guides on various railways of interest to the Order;
  3. To, in the longer term, oversee the operation of any rail services with which the Order may inadvertently become involved.

We also work in conjunction with any other department of the Order which is planning to produce pages connected with rail transport to ensure clarity and factual accuracy.

At the present time our main area of interest concerns the former rail network which once centred on the town of Monmouth. Consideration is being given to an increase in this area of interest.

General Histories:

>>>History of the British Railway>>>

>>>Railways around Monmouth>>>


Specific Railway Histories:

>>>The Main Line>>>

(Severn Tunnel Junction - Chepstow - Lydney - Gloucester)


>>>The Forest of Dean Central Railway>>>

(Awre Junction - Blakeney - Howbeech - Foxes Bridge)


>>>The Coleford, Monmouth, Usk and Pontypool Railway>>>

(Pontypool - Usk - Monmouth)


>>>The Coleford Branch>>>

(Monmouth - Newland - Coleford)


>>>The Ross and Monmouth Railway>>>

(Monmouth - Symonds Yat - Lydbrook - Ross-on-Wye)


>>>The Monnow Valley Railway>>>

(Monmouth - Skenfrith - Pontrilas plus branches)


>>>The Falmouth Branch>>>

(Truro - Penryn - Falmouth)


We also have another one of these somewhere... now what was it... oh yes:

>>>Homepage of the Wye Valley Railway>>>

(Chepstow - Tintern - Monmouth)


Fun Articles:

>>>The Train Operator's Guide to Getting Students Drunk in a Brewery>>>


Internal Links:

>>>Planning Department>>>

<<<Home Page<<<

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