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Seasonal area

November 2012

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With November comes the changing of the clocks and the enforced completion of all long walks by half past four - an awkward restriction, but one adequately mitigated in the general seasonal circumstances by being able to have breakfast in daylight the rest of the week. The surviving trips out on bright days take place with the restriction that ending up in a valley will make photography very tricky, owing to the low sun putting the valley in deep shade and the hilltops in a particularly harsh light.

And so we see the Catbrook valley in November 2011. The valley carries the Cat Brook down from the village of Catbrook through a partially wooded and partially agricultural landscape; it slips past pretty cottages and hedge-lined roads, round rocks and trees alongside Gurllus Grove and Barbadoes Wood to the point where this sweet waterway deposits itself into the mighty River Wye at Tintern Parva.

The sunlight picks out the bright orange of the Creigiau Woods behind, while on the southern flank of the valley the fields almost seem to be the grips of winter frosts. Pink cottages, discretely positioned away from the road up the valley, give a touch of civilization and no doubt within an hour or so were producing little columns of smoke from warming fires as evening began to settle in.

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