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Seasonal area

January 2013

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It's 2013 - another year for Seasonal Area to cover with meaningful pictures. High on our plateau at the end of 2012, we gaze down on the new year attempting to make out what lies ahead before plunging down into it. But it peters out into the mist in the distance, merely promising that there will be rolling points of interest before the next plateau.

A new Government for Britain? Probably not. Economic collapse for the world? Who can say? Another glorious national celebration of the Olympics? Certainly not - they're not back for another 3½ years.

The Founder predicts steady work, protests from anyone feeling like life isn't going their way and another bundle of trips to Gunnislake. He is wondering if he might manage to find a looney to sell Wye Valley Railway Re-opening to.

This view looks down on the Wye Valley at Lydbrook - which is not the bit with the Wye Valley Railway in it but a length a bit higher up with a different dead railway. We aren't even really looking down on Lydbrook, which is on round the corner to the left. In fact most features are carefully hidden behind other features, with Goodrich Castle and Kerne Bridge neatly placed out of sight beyond the hill in the centre. All we have is a river. It's in a valley and it's meandering scenically between hills.

We would like to predict that the river will still be meandering down this valley in a year's time.

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