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Seasonal area

April 2013

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April looks likely to be a thoroughly gloomy month, so in a spirit of something here is a picture of a sunny day in that scenic bit of landscape between two scenic border regions - the Wye Valley and the Forest of Dean - brought to you with much encouragement by the Tourist Excitement section of the Wye Valley Railway.

Near Hearkening Rock, seen here on a warm mid-April afternoon, is a particularly splendid outcrop in between Monmouth and Symonds Yat, high above a side valley off the Wye proper. The name is derived from it being used by gamekeepers to "hearken" by standing quietly under it and listening for sounds of poachers; the rock acts as a giant whispering gallery for much of the local area. A mile or so to the east Far Hearkening Rock, which is somewhat further from the main Monmouth to Coleford Road, the posh pad at the Kymin and civilisation generally, fulfils a similar need in the opposite direction.

A neat bit of tree clearance has allowed this fine bit of stone to be used by passing trade as a viewpoint over the surrounding area - one of many places in the locality where one can stand with a view of miles of trees, fields, hills, big fluffy clouds and other signs of general nature. The only thing missing is any sign of other humanity, except possibly other people sitting beneath the big white slab and looking forward to summer.

All other things being equal, by summer it should have warmed up a bit.

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