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Seasonal area

December 2014

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The South Welsh mountain peak of Fan Fawr, which rises above the Storey Arms pub at the watershed between the River Taff from Cardiff and the Afon Tarell from Brecon, is not a particularly widely-noted hulk of rock. Its curving form in a mountainous area - the Brecon Beacons National Park - belies its summit height of 734 metres above sea leavel (or 297 metres above the pub). It is also situated opposite the triple peaks of Cribyn, Pen-y-Fan and Corn Du, which are the titular mountains of the National Park and the second of which is the highest mountain peak in South Wales. Pen-y-Fan and Corn Du dominate the area with their huge slab tops, by contrast with which a rounded little summit curled up into itself is inevitably going to attract relatively little attention.

As a consequence it is a rather good mountain for solitary walking, being the sort of place where it is unlikely that very many other people will have decided to go up there at the same time. Any large groups of people met on its isolated western flanks will probably be the beneficiaries of a Ministry of Defence training session on how to walk long distances with big bags. Its name is singularly unoriginal, translating simply as Big Peak.

It is seen here from the flanks of Corn Du, looking across the Storey Arms pass on a particularly chilly day at the end of 2013.

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