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December 2016

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The Skirrid is a mountain north of Abergavenny, in the Welsh March. It is a friendly sort of mountain, more a large hill, with wooded lower slopes, steep exposed upper slopes and an easy climb up the south end.

Part of the north-west flank fell off at some point, leaving a large gully between the main peak and a side lump sticking up out of the hillside. There is much debate as to how this occurred. One body of thought takes the view that it fell off because the hill isn't very well made and is generally inclined to fall to pieces. Another has been traditionally inclined to maintain that when Christ was crucified a bolt of lightning struck the mountain and blew part of it off.

Anyway, it makes an interesting feature, although not one readily obvious from this viewpoint on the flanks of the mountain next door, which revels in the name of Sugar Loaf.

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