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Welcome to the Recycling Department. We recycle the Order's waste - paper, plastic, pictures and press releases - for reuse elsewhere.

When we have some spare time, we occasionally carry out external work for other people. Charges range depending on what needs recycling, but we have over the years offered services in recycling rubbish, colleagues, vehicles, relatives and surplus food.

We also offer guidance on how recycling can begin at home through the What to do with page, which provides handy guidance on how you can recycle various small things without any help from organisations such as ourselves.

If you want us to recycle something for you, simply fill in one of the forms linked to on the left and place it with the item you want recycling. Don't forget to recycle the form when you've finished. When tax credits are introduced for recycling, you will get more credits for recycling the long form than the short one. Since this is the Order of the Bed Department of Recycling, you may rest assured that we probably won't get round to actioning your recycling and accordingly need not worry that filling out the long form will result in us charging you more.

Last modified 15/04/11

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