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April 2011

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Those people who are familiar with this website will be surprised by the sudden appearance of a helpful navigation bar at the top of the screen. It's part of a scheme to reformat the website and make it easier to navigate. Seasonal Area gets uploaded by the month rather than whenever the Planning and Engineering Departments can knock something out, so this page is going out with the bar and before the rest of the site has been organised. We apologise for any issues which may be encountered during the changeover and hereby blame the lazy and dysfunctional nature of our pro-bed organisation.

(Incidentally, anyone who knows the practical differences between .htm and .html file extensions - other than the missing "l" in the former/ additional "l" in the latter - is cordially invited to find the Contact link - wherever it ended up, we don't know, we're still not getting one - and explain to whoever reads our emails what said differences are. Several of the departments have been given wholly new pages and consequently have managed to be changed from .htm to .html, which means re-doing half the links around the site. For some reason the Wye Valley Railway section is also getting another massive overhaul which will involve even more of a re-write than last time, so prepare to be confused when several pages start talking about something else and the Department of Comment, Satire and Tripe take on the spare page numbers. Several departments have also been renamed for good measure; rest assured that nobody plans to notice. Meanwhile strange and probably untrue rumours are circulating that someone has been asked to finish writing page 27, which has been lying around on the "to do" pile for some 8½ years.)

Right, to business. This month we have another image from 2010, derived from a cycling trip between Pontypool and Abergavenny (via Usk, Monmouth, Garway and Pontrilas) which the Planning Department organised for a thrilling day out to trace one dead railway and four railways that were never built. Between supporting the local economy (by buying half-pints of lemonade in rural pubs) and terrorising traffic (by cycling along paying more attention to where the Monnow Valley Railway was going to go than to where the Osbaston Road does go) the Official Photographer took lots of pictures of various bits of unspoilt scenery, idyllic ruins and the A449 expressway. After the Planning and Railways Departments had taken their pick of the most relevant of these the surplus images were dumped in the archive; this one was plucked from obscurity because it looks nice and as there isn't a railway in shot we can't see either department ever finding a use for it.

It shows the Afon Honddu, which can put in a sort of claim as the last river in Wales - the next one to the north, which the Honddu joins a couple of miles downstream, is the Monnow, which currently represents the English/ Welsh border. Here it is seen tumbling past Llanvihangel, which is a charming village that the Photographer neglected to examine further. Abergavenny was only seven miles away and he'd been on the road for almost 9 hours by this point. But we're sure it's worth a visit.

The Official Photographer is apparently concerned that he's going to find out what Llanvihangel is like when the Railways Department decides to run the trip again for some more pictures of Garway, an improved photo of the Monnow Valley Railway at Grosmont and another few pictures of Skenfrith, which they think may hold some kind of record. At least five proposals were drawn up for railways through Skenfrith but none of them were ever built. There remains some confusion as to how you take a picture of a railway which doesn't exist, but the Railways Department thinks that such pictures encourage thought and understanding of something.


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