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Seasonal area

May 2011

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May again. The trees are green, the sky is blue and the air is warm - except when it's raining, when the sky is grey and the air is still capable of being cold.

For this May we're in the Luxulyan Valley, Cornwall. This beautiful bit of nature is naturally an ex-industrial landscape which just happens to have done a particularly good job at recovering. Where once a tramway ran down from Luxulyan to Par through factories and mines, a twisting path runs through dense, quiet woodland accompanied by a gently flowing stream. The place has that sort of silence that it's possible to hear, broken merely by birdsong, the slight ripples of the water and the occasional train on the Newquay branch (home to one of the last heavy freight flows in Cornwall).

The main length of the upper tramway (and its accompanying artificial watercourse) links Treffry's Aqueduct (a magnificent granite structure carrying stream and tramway high above the wooded valley, rural lane and railway) with an incline descending into the valley itself, from the bottom of which the tramway heads to the Port of Par. The picture shows this incline, looking down towards Par, with some of the former industry sitting to the right. The stream reminds everyone of its industrial origins by toppling down the remains of a waterwheel - a now uninterrupted drop, since the wheel has long since passed on to wherever waterwheels end up.

Last month mention was made of an up-and-coming website refurbishment; since it's now happened Seasonal Area has been given the job of listing the core changes.

The Seasonal Area remains much the same as ever (as you can see) as have the various railway histories (which are apparently waiting for someone to find the budget to do a decent job on them). The Egress page also retains its original 2001 video. Work on Page 27 has apparently begun but somebody has gone overboard on the spec so don't get too excited.


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