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Seasonal area

April 2014

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Owing to an administrative error there will be no Forest of Dean picture this September, which frees up the area to appear in the April picture instead. Spring is commonly associated with lambs in fields, flowers in hedgerows and birds in nests - and, of course, leaves on trees.

Here are some trees with leaves on them on the eastern flanks of Crabtree Hill. The path, followed in the most logical manner from one end to the other taking the most straight-on looking route on the map at each junction, goes from the Serridge Inclosure on the west side of the Dean to the Ruspidge end of Cinderford on the east side of the Dean. (When the map is viewed from a distance it looks like this path goes from the Steam Mills end of Cinderford to the Ruspidge end of Cinderford via somewhere near Lydbrook, but in order to discourage such silly round trips someone has removed a key portion of the path across the back of Serridge Inclosure.)

It's a rather pleasant path all-in-all, especially when the trees have fresh leaves on them. Of course, the presence of leaves on trees in a Seasonal Area picture shouldn't be taken as a guarantee that we'll have leaf-covered trees in reality by the end of the month. Last year another picture from April 2011 was used to suggest to the Weather God that a warm April would be much appreciated and by May a few trees were getting daring enough to put a green bud or two out.

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