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May 2014

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As promised at the beginning of the year we now return to the Kennet and Avon Canal - this time at a spot a few miles east of the January picture. The main railway line to the West of England - which is, after something of a gap since the January picture went online, now back to being the main railway line to the West of England - is hidden from view behind the trees to the right. It is separated from the canal by one of the smoothly-flowing waterways that feed the canal from the River Kennet on their joint journey down the Kennet Valley. On the map the canal, feeder streams and probable actual river all have a tendency to look much the same, which is occasionally given to be confusing.

The canal is making a neat curve around a bit of hillside on its way up from Newbury to the village of Kintbury, which is about a quarter of a mile from here. Kintbury is about two-thirds of the way from Newbury up to Hungerford (the one-third mark is the village of Hamstead). It is conveniently provided with a railway station, making it a handy place to break walks and cycles along the towpath. Indeed, on this particular May Bank Holiday Sunday several people were doing so.

A canal boat vanishes round the corner with its heavy stern low in the water and the lighter bow in the air to give an air of speed and acceleration - although actually all motor-powered canal boats ride like this, usually at about walking pace. The Kennet and Avon is, all-in-all, rather well used, albeit mostly by tourist or tripping craft and more in summer than winter.

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