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Seasonal area

June 2014

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A small picture for a change, aiming to get a feeling of warm summer weather rather than showing a great wide beach or a sweeping valley. Here we have a hedge with a gate in it and a tree on the other side.

The gate is a standard modern steel bar affair with strengthening diagonals, reasonably easily climbed when necessary. It is neatly placed between two wooden gateposts, with hinges at the nearer end and a piece of string to hold it shut at the farther one.

Overhead, a clear blue sky allows the sun to beat down on opportunities for a picnic lunch in a field with buttercups, daisies and long grass.

The gate is located about half a mile east of the Offa's Dyke path above Brockweir in the Lower Wye Valley. Through it passes a footpath on its way to the village of Hewelsfield, which has a rather neat little church, some cottages, more trees and a generally pleasing appearance.

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