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Seasonal area

September 2016

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In contrast to August's Cotswolds picture, for September we go to Dartmoor. Dartmoor is a high, bleak and rolling area populated by bogs, lakes, grasslands, ponies and oddly-named piles of exposed rock called Tors.

Possibly the most oddly-named of these is the second-highest, at the very top of Dartmoor and the end of a ridge that stands proud above Okehampton. It is one of three Tors, neatly laid out in order of height from east to west, slightly stepped behind each other. The lowest is Row Tor; in the middle is West Mill Tor, and this month's picture is taken looking north from the summit of Yes Tor.

Behind Yes Tor the ridge runs southwards to the very marginally higher High Willhays peak, which is a few bits of rock sticking out of the ridge that represent the highest point in the British Isles south of the Brecon Beacons area. Yes is much more impressive, with its stack of granite blocks topped by a flagstaff. Periodically the Ministry of Defence sends someone up from Okehampton army base to raise a red flag on this flagstaff, which means that the Army will be scrambling around the moor taking pot shots with live ammunition. These pot shots are guaranteed to land within an area marked out by white posts with red stripes, which form a neat boundary around the flanks of Yes Tor. When the Army is not shooting at the local cattle, the summit is usually to be found decorated by walkers drinking tea, eating lunch and enjoying the northward view across Devon.

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