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October 2016

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Coniston is a small snug village, tucked into a fold below Coniston Old Man in the heart of the Lake District and set just a very little back from the shores of Coniston Water. Once the locals spent their time extracting the heart of the mountain and ferrying it down to the coast on the Coniston Railway. Now the mines are deserted (and, although largely unsecured, unsafe), the mountain stands proud and inviting to walkers (he's a friendly sort of mountain) and the lake is especially peaceful (unlike the bustle of nearby Windermere, a short hop across the fells). The railway station, once served by trains hauled by London, Midland & Scottish Railway locomotive No. 1 (someone had to draw the lowest number), shut up shop to passengers in 1958, lost its the lovely overall roof during subsequent demolition and has succumbed to a small housing development.

This has left Coniston feeling a trifle off the beaten track (unlike Windermere, which has the dual delights of the railway and the A591 Kendal to Keswick link road). For a tourist industry provider, this depresses revenue. For a quiet visitor, this is a delight. With its array of Arthur Ransome associations (for the outdoor adventure lover) and memories of speedboat trials (for the racing enthusiast) it is a good place to pop over to for a busy but relaxed day out.

Seen here is one of the pubs, with a flank of the Old Man behind. Up the road is a string of houses in the distinctive black stone of the Lakes.

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